In the Media

The books below have mentioned or referenced The Midnight Palace:

Comic Books and the Cold War, 1946-1962: Essays on Graphic Treatment of Communism, the Code and Social Concerns references TMP's article, Femme Fatale – The Black Widow of Film Noir.
A Companion to Film Noir references the "Film Noir and Jazz" discussion on the Midnight Palace forums.
The Oxford Dictionary of Film Studies mentions The Influence of German Expressionism in its section on German Expressionism.
Audrey Hepburn: Diva Per Caso references TMP's interview with Audrey Hepburn's son, Sean Ferrer.
Possessed: The Life of Joan Crawford references TMP's interview with Joan Crawford's grandson, Casey LaLonde.
The Vampire Book: The Encyclopedia of the Undead references TMP's review of London After Midnight.